Book Tech Design Selection

The Book

The third volume in the Protagonisti (“Key Players”) series, it concludes the editorial overview of key market segments by selecting companies and brands from various sectors, with a particular eye on innovative technology and design. It offers leading companies an authoritative reference, bringing together and interpreting recent research and innovations, and assessing the demands of the contemporary marketplace.

A showcase unlike any other in its category, it gathers different sectors together in an effort to expand its readers’ horizons and generate synergistic relationships between consumers and successful businesses.

The concept

Book TECH DESIGN Selection features two principal sections. The first, which is written by journalists from Il Sole 24 Ore, offers an overview of the sector, analysing shifts, trends and new developments within the market.

The second section sees specialist journalists interviewing key figures from a select group of companies and discussing, by way of case-studies, interesting examples of products that have had a particularly strong cultural and emotional impact (the interviews are presented in two languages).

The text is accompanied by a carefully curated gallery of images, portraits and documentary materials selected by our art editor. The book brings together leading companies that are unified by the common denominators of technological innovation, design and sustainability. Book TDS offers leading companies operating in Italy and abroad a unique communication opportunity, providing a prestigious, targeted setting in which to tell their story to a select audience of qualified readers.